Author Name : bkmovie

[Concept Art] Artist: Fernando Lopez

Blood Kiss Update!

Dearest Blood Kiss Family-- You have been so patient. Very soon, we will have major updates and details for you, but for now, we have some exciting pieces to share!! We recently had a Table Read with talented, local actors, and the entire team fell in love with Michael's script all over again.  The table read was primarily for Michael, to aid him in editing and rewrites.  There have bee...

You’re pretty much on your own…

Okay ... I love action movies, particularly sci-fi action movies. I'm also a big fan of (most of) the DIE HARD franchise and other rock 'em sock 'em shows. Even superhero movies seem to be getting better and better. I do have one problem with them, however. Maybe some long-delayed critical faculty is finally flickering to life, or maybe I'm just noticing it more as my own body continues its mad ...

Parkinson’s Monster

There are times when I almost envy jolly old Mr. Parkinson. He's obviously having such a good time in my brain; tromping around with the microbial equivalent of hob-nailed boots, guzzling down pint after pint of dopamine, and let's not forget coming up with new and inventive ways of embarrassing me in public! I mean, I thought I'd plumbed the depths of degradation with the drooling and incontinenc...

Neil Gaiman Talks About Blood Kiss





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