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I've only got one Leonard Nimoy story, but I think it's a pretty good one. Listen up, kids, and I'll tell you about how I directed Spock ... Around the end of the 90's I was a story editor and producer for Steven Spielberg and Harve Bennett, who produced four of the first five STAR TREK films, on a primetime animated series for DreamWorks SKG called INVASION AMERICA. Since this was the ...

Please come asap..

.... when I was (much) younger, and dancing to the same music as everyone else, even back then this particular pavane used to exasperate me no end. "Can't call (forget tweeting; wasn't such a thing back then. And the phones were all steam-powered as well) because you'll spook her, scare her off ..." Women, of course, being skittish creatures, high-strung as a Stradivarius; one wrong move and they'...


I am a simple man. I like my movies like I like my women: bigger than life, in Technicolor, and not intimidated by 4-walling. I could not say that any of these qualities were to be found in overabundance in the IMAX presentation of INTERSTELLAR that I saw. Nor, for that matter, (as I soon learned to my dismay) were earplugs. This gave the movie an unfair advantage, in my opinion, since I m...

Putting The “Pub” In Republican

I woke up this morning to find that the country had been shifted 10 feet or so to the right. I was so angry that I sat down and wrote my daughter a letter, which I often do when I'm upset. It beats hitting the wall, or hitting a Russian, if one wanders too close. (Having lived here for six months or so and hearing them taIk, I have to wonder why the Russkies wanted H-Bombs or Russian nuclear "Wess...




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