Blood Kiss Update!

Blood Kiss Update!

Dearest Blood Kiss Family-

You have been so patient. Very soon, we will have major updates and details for you, but for now, we have some exciting pieces to share!!

  • We recently had a Table Read with talented, local actors, and the entire team fell in love with Michael’s script all over again.  The table read was primarily for Michael, to aid him in editing and rewrites.  There have been no new castings- YOU- will be first to know!
  • We have partnered with great production services company out of Canada and anticipate shooting will begin this FALL in Toronto!
  • BLOOD KISS STORE  is now live at  – HERE  <- All of the money raised from the store goes straight to film production!  Please rest assured that the items are NOT the same as the limited edition ones that you will be receiving with your Kickstarter packages.
  • Speaking of Kickstarter Packages-  We have not forgotten you. There are a lot of moving pieces and exciting developments unfolding. We will send an update to alert you when the fulfillment surveys are sent out!

And now a note from Michael Reaves:

Rest easy. We’re nowhere near Development Hell; we’re not even in Development Purgatory.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happened in the past year: We’ve secured matching funds on our KS money and based on that we are just about ready to begin production; We’re looking at beginning the shoot in late summer / early fall. First unit will shoot in Toronto (primarily interiors & sets); 2nd unit will shoot in L.A. (primarily locations, establishing shots, etc.) We’re vetting directors now, and as soon as we have a commitment from one we’ll start casting. (We already have a Letter Of Intent from someone whose name alone gets us a bunch more money; but we’re not allowed to divulge it–yet.) A couple of months ago we had a table read with a temp cast (mostly TV actors; people whose face you know but not the name); based on that I did a light polish and a trim around the edges. The script is now good to go. So, you see? We’ve actually accomplished quite a bit since the KS campaign. And we’re just getting warmed up.  — Michael

Please check out all the latest updates on our Official Kickstarter Page, and you can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Eternally Yours,
Team Blood Kiss 

[Featured Photo: “Ruby” by Fernando Lopez]

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