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I’ve only got one Leonard Nimoy story, but I think it’s a pretty good one. Listen up, kids, and I’ll tell you about how I directed Spock … Around the end of the 90’s I was a story editor and producer for Steven Spielberg and Harve Bennett, who produced four of the first five STAR TREK films, on a primetime animated series for DreamWorks SKG called INVASION AMERICA. Since this was the …

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…. when I was (much) younger, and dancing to the same music as everyone else, even back then this particular pavane used to exasperate me no end. “Can’t call (forget tweeting; wasn’t such a thing back then. And the phones were all steam-powered as well) because you’ll spook her, scare her off …” Women, of course, being skittish creatures, high-strung as a Stradivarius; one wrong move and they’…


I am a simple man. I like my movies like I like my women: bigger than life, in Technicolor, and not intimidated by 4-walling. I could not say that any of these qualities were to be found in overabundance in the IMAX presentation of INTERSTELLAR that I saw. Nor, for that matter, (as I soon learned to my dismay) were earplugs. This gave the movie an unfair advantage, in my opinion, since I m…

Blood Kiss in the Press


Neil Gaiman’s ‘Blood Kiss,’ co-starring Amber Benson, surpasses Kickstarter goal

“Another Kickstarter project with some big names attached has found success on the crowd-funding site. Blood Kiss, a feature-length noir film starring prolific fantasy writer Neil Gaiman and Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Amber Benson, surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter at the end of May…”

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Talking with the Dead:
15 Questions with Michael Reaves

“Well, you can expect all the sparkly vamps you want, but you won’t get any in this movie. The biggest difference is that there’s nothing supernatural about these vampires.”

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Sucker Up for “BLOOD KISS” With Neil Gaiman et al.

“A lot of people refer to Hollywood as being full of vampires, but in BLOOD KISS, scripted by famed comic book/animation writer Michael Reaves, this is literally the case. We’re in the 1940s, and our detective hero is running afoul of both the studio system and real bloodsuckers.”

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